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Float Therapy

What is it?

Float Therapy, or sensory deprivation, immerses individuals in a pod filled with a saltwater solution, creating a unique environment that eliminates external stimuli. This practice draws inspiration from ancient cultures and their use of floatation for meditative and healing purposes.


  • Stress Reduction and Mental Clarity: Float therapy promotes relaxation, stress reduction, and mental clarity, creating an ideal environment for mindfulness.
  • Alleviation of Muscle Tension: The buoyancy of the saltwater helps relieve muscle tension and promotes overall relaxation.
  • Heightened Creativity: Many individuals report increased creativity and improved cognitive function after float sessions.

What to Expect?

Clients entering a float pod can expect a weightless experience, floating effortlessly in the buoyant saltwater. The session, lasting 30 minutes, offers a serene environment for relaxation and self-reflection.


Float therapy is generally safe, but individuals with open wounds or infectious skin conditions should avoid it.